"Words without poetry lack passion; words without passion lack persuasion; words without persuasion lack power."

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Today Marks The First.

First of the new year.
 First blog post.

The past month of my life seems as though it screams one central concept within all my experiences.


Breathe in every moment. Further explained: The ability to see the beauty within the ashes is the fuel for our joy, and the foundations of our hope.
I am not speaking of an over dramatized experience, but instead a perspective; a way of life.
I spent Christmas day with my family in Florida and I truly treasure every second of it. Our visit to the beach together put into practice the underlying concept of breathing it in. Let us stop and recognize tomorrow may never come, all morbid thoughts set aside, this may be all we have.

This year that has come to a close has been more than incredible because of what I learned and the experiences I had.

I traveled to California to see my sweet friends graduate high school, spent a week in beautiful Colorado with Young Life, went to New Orleans for the Smoothie King Franchise conference, flew to New York and spent time in eclectic coffee shops as well as in dance studios, and ended my year of traveling with a trip to Florida.

I climbed a mountain, Repelled off a cliff, visited the ocean, traveled to 3 out of 4 corners of the USA, met several new friends, slept in a New York hostile, started wearing glasses full-time, took a semester off of school, started teaching dance again, watched one of my best friends graduate college, and became a pescetarian.

I now attend the University of Texas at Tyler full-time and I am studying Journalism and Psychology. This past fall semester I wrote for the university newspaper, and I wouldn't trade that experience for the world. I was privileged to write a series on student addiction and an editorial explaining my opinion on the subject. While writing the series, I was able to interview leading specialists on the subject which I personally benefited greatly from. I am so grateful for the entire experience.

I must admit, though the above actions were unforgettable and fed my soul, my favorite times were instead the hours I spent writing in my journals and reading books full of words from the wise, creative people who have walked this earth before me.
Also, the hours and hours I spent with the beautiful people in my life. My family, my Younglife girls, my amazing friends, and the new people and strangers that I come in contact with each day. Without these people, my soul, mindset, and faith would not be challenged and shaped the way that it is.
Thank you.

I have been discussing with people lately the concept that we are forced to rest in the unknowns of life. We do not know if we will live the next 5 minutes, and with that knowledge in mind, are we living in such a way that we would feel satisfied with if it was all that we had? If we were honest with ourselves, if this was it, would it be enough? We must live intentionally.

I have realized what I define to be life to its full- Love God, Love people. As long as these elements are of my utmost priority, I feel I have lived a life worth living.

Although there was unsurpassed beauty in the last year of my life, there was also darkness. In the fall semester, I dealt with some of the toughest parts of my heart because of the challenges I faced with school and the business of life. I had to say goodbye to people who heavily influenced my life. I walked through life with, and carried the burdens of people who faced depression, questioning there existence, struggling with strongholds, and death.

So, this New Year, this new beginning as we see it in our human minds, let us cut lose and breathe it all in.
Friends, Let us together recklessly pursue life to its full.

But a speck of dust blown in the wind. 
What a beloved speck of dust life is indeed. Such urgency is married with the realization that tomorrow is never promised. 
Urgency to complete all we wish to accomplish. 
The question must be summoned- what is buried deep in us; what do we desire to see finished? 
One can only imagine what a life of urgency would portray.

Barriers broken.
Purest love in action.
Forgiveness dealt with zeal.
Reckless pursuit of life to it's full.



  1. Outstanding thoughts!! Thanks for sharing.
    It is true, we are all living this amazing story God has for us. beauty is found when we can live on the page we are in. I love the idea of breathing life in...its cool that when God "breathed" life into us that the original hebrew word for breath is the same as spirit.... ruah!!

  2. What a beautiful start to a collection of inspiring blog posts. I look forward to reading more of what is within your heart! Lots of love to you Lea! --Holly

  3. Woohoo! Welcome to the world of blogging...hopefully I'll get back into it.lol.Beautiful words my friend!


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