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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Natural disaster is close to my heart.

Thinking of, and praying for Japan. 
 In the midst of busy American life, disasters taking place in Japan are resonating in my thoughts.
I traveled to Sri Lanka in 2005 to do tsunami relief in the tiny village of Kosgoda. 
Recently I have felt as if I am revisiting Sri Lanka and all the emotions that accompanied the journey.
Here is a look into my memory:
 Over 1,200 people were killed on this train during the Tsunami. It now stands as a memorial for the lives lost.

 This house was destroyed by the wave, as well as the people in it. Sadly, this house was one of the least destroyed that I saw. Months after the Tsunami, the rubble was still knee deep.
 Pastor Isaac. Truly one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met.
 Some of the girls on my trip after a day of work. We are wearing skirts we bought locally.
 The breathtaking Sri Lanka sunset.
Sri Lanka: I am thinking of you. I have not forgotten your brokenness. 
Japan: Praying for you. Look to Him who stands outside of time. May he bring peace that surpasses all understanding.
Friends please take time to think about the world around us. While we continue on with buying our Starbucks, being concerned with gaining five pounds, and sports scores..thousands have lost all rights to humanity. So let us simply recognize that this place, this world, is much larger than us. If we do, beautiful characteristics manifest in our person. Selfish desires of any kind, personal suffering and loss become minimized through the lenses of world magnification.

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  1. deep. I wonder all the time how narrow my perspective actually is. I think despite our greatest efforts we can never truly relate to those in Japan, or Sri Lanka, without physically going there and experiencing it first hand the way you did. We are so fortunate here and we don't even realize it.


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