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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tyler Community Member Envisions A 'Revolution'

Few individuals portray such a vibrant passion for serving the community as Travis White, local licensed professional counselor and executive director of Mission Tyler.

"Imagine if we, as believers, came together with one purpose, one calling, to connect to others with the love of Jesus Christ by meeting them at the point of their need," he said.  "It would be love the way God intended. It could start a revolution."
White runs the local christian non-profit ministry, Mission Tyler, that he said exists to help connect the resources of the local church to the needs of the local community. 

The organization of people works toward this ideal by educating, equipping, and empowering people in the community about being intentional with local service.  

"(By) helping believers understand the needs in our community and how their giftedness, passion can connect," he said. 

This past Tuesday More than 150 community members gathered together at a Mission Tyler facilitated event called The City Gate.  Christians from 25 different ministries and 30 churches gathered together to worship, discuss the happenings within the different ministries and making connections with other people. 

"I'd like to think of it as a "collective" cup of coffee networking meeting but with many different like-minded people at once," he said.

One attendee said the night was amazing. "It was so cool to see all the people who showed up, not just physically, but with true hearts of 'connection.'" Others said they left feeling inspired and motivated for ways to serve in the future.

 Mission Tyler offers different outlets for service including:  reduced fee counseling for individuals, couples and families and other services. 

"We partner with other ministries and agencies in our community to address safe housing needs for low income, elderly and disabled through painting, basic construction, and yard, lot clearing project," White said.  

Most recently, the ministry organized and sent relief teams to Joplin, Mo after the tornado in May.  

"We have also used local experiences and networking to assist in mobilizing mission teams to other regional locations," he said. 

 For more information, visit www.oneloverevoloution.com.

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