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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Imagine if you were SILENT (mature content)

Many precious lives are trapped into slavery: the abuse of their own personal sexuality for a strangers pleasure.

Children.Women. Souls.

Innocent children are forced to submit theirs bodies to repetitively selfish desires of others, and this becomes their lives. Their Identity.

"Human Trafficking is the fastest growing and second most profitable crime in the world. The majority of this multi-billion dollar industry exists in the form of sex trafficking, where women and children are bought, sold and exploited for profit in the global sex industry."

Many are sold, stolen, tricked, and manipulated into situations that radically change their lives stealing any sense of dignity or freedom. 
"Traffickers, pimps, pornographers and gangs are eager to supply the demand in this profitable marketplace and they prey upon the young, the weak and the vulnerable, exchanging their bodies for cash.Because traffickers threaten, abuse, brainwash and/or starve new recruits to condition them, victims often remain silent and force a smile in order to survive."
This injustice is huge, and happens all over the globe, as well as in our backyard: the United States of America.

These people, children- ARE SILENT.

Please watch this video, it will melt your heart.

Their Stories from For The Silent on Vimeo.

 It is estimated that 1.2 million children are sexually trafficked each year, and a 1/3 of those are boys. 

Analysts say 100,000 American children are sexually trafficked in the American sex trade each year.

Sexual injustices of any kind are in the dark. They are hidden because of shame.

Someone must step up and become THEIR VOICE.

How can you help?
For The Silent is an incredible organization that contends for victims of sex trafficking. The non-profit does many things to shed light on trafficking. The staff at For The Silent believe in awareness, and assist individuals in bringing awareness. We must drag this dark subject out into the light in order to see change. Another great organization is Not For Sale.

I have hope in redemption. 

So, today, I write FOR THE SILENT.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for this.

    Too many of us sit at our desks with our plastic water bottle [bpa free, might i add] and drone away the morningtime until it comes time for lunch.

    Never realizing the silent chaos we feel would be drowned out in the wake of the cries of these children.


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