"Words without poetry lack passion; words without passion lack persuasion; words without persuasion lack power."

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Broken, Blissful Journey.

Life- what we consider to be anyway.

Lessons. Lessons learned. Everything blossoms new character, and experience which defines the soul we become.

People. People penetrate all corners of everything. Some stay and some leave. Some break your heart and few lift you up, but oh how you love them nonetheless.

Love, give, give, give. Serve, love. Care, worry, provide. Listen, council, waiting in the silence. It’s really just breathing.

Heart breaks. You observe the brokenness and suffering, and some brings you joy and some inflicts your broken heart. There is…
LIFE created for them.
And so we wait. Once we have spent everything we have physically and mentally, we wait in urgent patience- in constant petition for their souls.

Soul. Ours. Time slips through cracks as we ponder and develop soul. Challenging instincts, and recognizing truth discerned by something outside of ourselves.

Outside of ourselves we find LIFE.

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