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Friday, February 4, 2011

Sometimes We Need Help to Get to Help

This passed week I had the privilege of hearing a friend share a story of a life-threatening car wreck he had been in last year. 
If I recount correctly, an older man hit his vehicle almost straight on leaving him injured to the point of immobility, and stranded in his crushed version of a car in a ditch on the side of the road. He continued to describe details of what he was experiencing emotionally, since he never slipped out of consciousness. 

The volunteer fire department and medical help arrived on the scene to find that he was going to have to be cut out of his vehicle. Previous to their arrival, he tried to relieve himself from the jaws of the car, but he couldn't, he couldn't because he was injured and stuck. 

He knew his legs were damaged and his head was bleeding.

With the help of necessary equipment and personnel, the fire department was able to get his body out of the car and rush him to the local hospital. He was also air lifted to the hospital in Tyler.

He went on to speak of a beautiful parallel to his accident and life in general.

The parallel is this: Sometimes we need help to get to help.

When I think about this concept I can't help but see the truth within it. This idea has been resonating in my mind all week and I have recognized how many times this metaphor has taken place in my own life. Sometimes we are so far gone in various ways that we NEED to be carried by a source of help, just to arrive at our help.

Perhaps our destination help is the doctor, or our faith, a counselor etc.

The above story illustrates a beautiful picture of what that looks like physically. He COULD NOT get to the doctor to be healed without the help of the fire department and paramedics. Sometimes it is a personal choice, or a series of personal choices that cause us to arrive at a place of self immovability, or the life taking place around us that causes us to find ourselves "stuck." Whatever the way we end up in that place, sometimes we just cannot get to help alone.

Many times have I found myself in the midst of a life situation or choice thinking: "I can't do this by myself; I need help." 
There are people in our lives that are our source of "help to take us to help" like a mother or father, like a friend or mentor...whatever it looks like, I hope that you have that in your life and listen to and accept their help.

We need them because sometimes we find ourselves injured to the point of immobility (emotionally, spiritually, or physically), but there's help, help that can get us to help when we cannot get there alone.

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